Quakers & Mental Health Site

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About the Project

I spent the entire summer of 2015 collaborating with all of the departments at the Haverford College Libraries to build the Quakers & Mental Health website from the ground-up. Using Django as a framework, I created a substantial administration back-end which will allow students and librarians to continue to add to the research and information they discover on Friends Asylum. I also used Foundation 5 to craft the front-end of the website.

The goal of this site is to create a digital way for people to learn more about the early years of Friends Asylum and Quakers and mental health, and spur further research projects--both done in Haverford Special Collections and online by the public.

Some interesting pages to see are the Patient Bar Graph, Patient Table, and the Glossary of Terms page.

See the live site here.

Technologies Used

Django, Python, JavaScript / jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Foundation5, Responsive Design, D3, PostgreSQL.

Skills Used

Research, Data Creation, Data Cleaning, Database Set-up, Design, Front-end Development, Data Visualization Creation, Browser Testing, Quality Assurance.