Web Accessibility Guidelines Project

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About the Project

For this project, I helped lead, research, write, and implement the creation of WCAG AA based web accessibility guidelines. The goal of this project was to make a set of guidelines which were easy to read and understand for both content editors of websites, and developers.

A few of the topics focused on in the accessibility guide are: the importance of semantic HTML, what ARIA is, and live, accessible code examples of modals, tabs, and forms.

See the live site here.

Technologies Used

JavaScript / jQuery, Middleman, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, CSS Animations, Responsive Design, Grunt / Gulp, Bower / NPM, Heroku.

Skills Used

Primarily: Project Leader, Research, Content Creation, Front-end Development, Accessibility Testing.

Browser Testing, Stakeholder Interviews, Browser Testing.

Articles about the Site

Open Source Inclusion Guidelines: Developing a collaborative roadmap for digital accessibility